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Saga T.C.
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Saga T.C. wrote his first rap in 1985. “85 was the year I gave a premier that made it clear!” Those words are taken from the song ‘All I Got’. He started taking his artistry seriously in high school while performing at dance parties. His specialty was getting the crowd “hyped.” From there, he formed a rap group with two of his classmates and became  
Saga T.C.
known as “The Empire.” Around ’91, Saga recorded in the studio for the first time and it became an unbelievable experience. “The Empire” recorded several songs and from that venture, Saga T.C. gained a wealth of knowledge (good and bad) about the inner working of the music industry.

In 1996, Saga got the opportunity to write and record a radio rap jingle for J.D. Byrider, a local car dealership. It proved to be a huge success. As a result of the commercial, many people started calling the radio station requesting to hear it, and where could they purchase a copy of the song or the commercial! J. D. Byrider sold a lot of cars during that time as a result of Saga’s creativity and marketable sound.

In ’98, Saga ran into an old high school buddy who was running an independent record label called Hip Hop Groove Entertainment. Saga T. C. was asked to join the label. Shortly afterward, the group “The Pack” was formed. It consisted of four young men from Indianapolis Indiana, including Saga’s younger brother, J-Toven, also known as “The Original.”

The record company released the cd “Land of the Lost” in 1999.  It received several good reviews.  In fact, “The Pack” performed in Atlanta at the Atlantis Music Conference.  In addition, the group performed at several venues in Indy, building a strong fan base and selling several hundred copies of it’s cd.  Another highlight was getting air play on the radio for the song  “Cru’ Summer.”  Shortly after that, the group disbanded sighting differences in lyrical content as the culprit.  Saga T.C. became a solo artist again.  Hindsight being 20-20, God’s plan must have been for Saga to walk this path alone.

Saga T.C. knew the Lord when he was eight years old, having gotten baptized, but life is filled with up’s and downs, twist and turns. The Lord brought Saga through a nervous break down which was a life changing and saving ordeal. Today, he walks closer to the Lord and has vowed to continue to live his life for Christ, his wife and family. The gospel rap he’s inspired to do will show the glory of the Lord and help himself and others to live a life worthy to be called a child of the King.